The date of the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024… and the broadcast channels


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The date of the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024… and the broadcast channels

Portugal and Turkey will meet in Euro 2024. The venue will be Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany. They are together in Group F and the match time is June 22, 2024.

The meeting is important for the teams to qualify for the next round. The match will be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 2 Max .

Most important key points:

  • Match date:  The match will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2024.
  • Location:  The match will be held at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany.
  • Group F:  This match is part of the second round of Group F in Euro 2024.
  • Importance of the match:  This match is crucial for the teams of Portugal and Turkey in their quest to qualify for the next round.
  • Broadcast Channels:  The match will be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 2 Max.

The Date Of The Match Between Portugal And Turkey In Euro 2024... And The Broadcast Channels

After initially drawing a draw, both teams look for a win. Everyone strives to achieve points and advance in the tournament. Competition is fierce in this group during Euro 2024.

Portugal has a strong history in major tournaments. Turkey also performs well. The audience expects an exciting match between them.

Euro 2024 is full of excitement. The tournament attracts strong teams. It will be one of the most prominent sporting events in Europe.

We will cover the Portugal-Turkey match in detail. We show predicted lineups and past results. We also provide an overview of the tournament.

Follow us for the latest developments about Euro 2024. Do not miss important details about the match between Portugal and Turkey.

The expected lineup for the match between Portugal and Turkey

The lineup for both teams has not yet been announced. Both coaches expect to use the best players based on their plan. It is possible to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Arda Guler in the lineup.

In the possible lineup for Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo (attack), Bernardo Silva (midfield), Joao Cancelo (right-back), Ruben Diaz (left-back), and Danilo Pereira (midfield).

As for Turkey’s possible lineup: Arda Guler (attack), Hakan Calhanoglu (midfield), Cyan Turith (right back), Ozan Tufan (left back), and Kahan Kahanman (midfield).

Lineup predictions

Lineup adjustments may occur before the match. Focusing on the performance of senior players and team experience is important. The match is expected to be exciting, and choosing a good lineup is important to win.

Results of previous matches of Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024

So far, the Portuguese national team has won its only match in Euro 2024. It won against the Czechs 2-1. The Turkish team also won its match. Defeated Georgia 3-1. Now, both teams want to win.

After strong matches, both teams hope to win the next match. Winning contributes to qualifying forward.

Portugal relies on its stars Cronaldo and Jota to score goals. While the Turkish national team relies on its players Alboral Yilmaz and Hakan Calhan. They help you win.

Fans are anticipating an exciting match between Portugal and Turkey. Both teams will play with full force. They strive to make their fans happy.

Ranking of the teams in the sixth group

The Turkish team leads the table after winning the first match. Followed by the Portuguese team in second place, with the same number of points. Each team won only one match.

These results make the match between Portugal and Turkey strong and important. The winner and first place holder in the group will be determined.

Let’s take a look at the group’s ranking:

Ranking The elected Number of points
1 Türkiye 3
2 Portugal 3

The current ranking sees Türkiye and Portugal in the lead. But Türkiye prevailed due to goal difference. The next confrontation between them will be decisive.

The winner of that match will qualify for the next round and take first place in the group.

The audience’s excitement to watch the matches increases due to this exciting tension. We are waiting for the latest updates from Euro 2024. Follow us to know about upcoming events.

arly standings of group six

  1. Türkiye is in first place on goal difference
  2. Portugal is in second place with the same number of points

Analysis of the match between Portugal and Turkey

Expect an exciting match between Portugal and Turkey. Every team is looking forward to winning to open the door towards qualification. Portugal relies on its star Cristiano Ronaldo. Türkiye boasts players like Arda Guler.

Portugal attacks strongly, especially with Ronaldo’s ability to score. They are wary of the actions of their powerful environment. They are focusing on strengthening their defense against Türkiye.

Türkiye plans to take control through strong defense and quick attacks. They aim to identify weak points on the Portuguese front. They stand as obstacles to building Portuguese attacks.

Individual performance analysis

Ronaldo will be key in Portugal’s attack. He is distinguished by his ability to record. Türkiye relies on Guler to create opportunities and surround danger.

Expected strategy

Portugal focuses on attack and midfield. Türkiye relies on defense and counterattacks. The confrontation will be difficult and the implementation of plans will determine the winner.

Live broadcast and channels broadcasting the match between Portugal and Turkey

beIN Sports HD 2 Max will broadcast the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024. You can watch it live by subscribing to it.

There are other European channels broadcasting the match such as Rai 2, ERT 1 and HRT 2. It can also be watched for free on TRT1, RTS1, DR1 and others.

You can see the table to learn more about the channels and frequencies:

the channel European satellites
beIN Sports HD 2 Max
Rai 2 Hotbird 13B
ERT 1 Hotbird 13B
HRT 2 Hotbird 13B
TRT1 Turksat 42°E
RTS1 Hotbird 13B
DR1 Thor 5°W

beIN Sports HD 2 Max channel

beIN Sports HD 2 Max is owned by a live broadcast of the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024. It is considered one of the best sports channels in the world.

Rai 2 channel

Rai 2 will broadcast the Portugal-Turkey match on Hotbird 13B. She is famous for her refereeing of European matches.

ERT channel 1

ERT 1 will broadcast the confrontation on Hotbird 13B. It is one of Greece’s best channels for sports.

HRT channel 2

HRT 2 will broadcast the encounter on Hotbird 13B. It is considered a famous Croatian channel in the world of sports.

TRT1 channel

TRT1 is among Türkiye’s best sports channels. The Portugal-Turkey match is broadcast on Turksat 42°E.

RTS1 channel

Great match broadcast on Hotbird 13B via RTS1. Coming to you from Serbia.

DR1 channel

DR1 will broadcast the match on Thor 5°W. It is one of the famous canals in Denmark.

Additional information about Euro 2024

The World Cup qualifiers  and today’s matches are an essential part of the Euro 2024 tournament. There is a lot of exciting information about this tournament that you need to know.

Euro 2024 is one of the biggest football tournaments. It brings together fans and players. The tournament is held in Germany. It represents an opportunity for the national teams to qualify for the World Cup.

Euro 2024 features different match play areas. Areas such as the Allianz Arena in Munich. Dortmund Stadium in Dortmund. Gladbach Square in Mönchengladbach. In addition to the Renovi Stadium in Leipzig. There are more great stadiums.

Teams participating in Euro 2024

24 teams from all over Europe are participating in Euro 2024. Some strong teams like Spain, France, England and Germany are involved. Each team seeks to provide a distinguished performance to win the title.

In addition to the matches, there are side events and entertainment at Euro 2024, such as concerts and exhibitions. Fans will also be allowed to discover Germany and experience its culture and attractions.

If you are interested in following Euro 2024, you can visit the official website of the tournament. Or follow the news to get detailed and up-to-date information.

Place Pitch
Munich Allianz Arena
Dortmund Dortmund stadium
Mönchengladbach Gladbach Stadium
Leipzig Renovi Stadium

Don’t miss the opportunity to follow the best teams in Europe. And seeing her compete in Euro 2024. Enjoy the atmosphere of the tournament and be with them every step of the way.

Euro 2024

A look at the Portuguese national team’s journey

The Portuguese national team is considered one of the best teams in the world. He is famous for winning titles thanks to players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. After winning the World Cup qualifiers, he is now competing in Euro 2024.

Captains of the Portuguese national team

The national team has star leaders like Cristiano Ronaldo. They are shared by Joao Cancelo and Ruben Diaz. There are also Bruno Fernandes and Joao Felix.

Results of the Portuguese national team in Euro 2024

The team is waiting to achieve success in Euro 2024. Led by coach Fernando Santos, it aims to win every match. He seeks to reach advanced stages in the tournament.

the match The result
Portugal vs Team X win (2-0)
Portugal vs Team Y Draw (1-1)
Portugal vs Team Z win (3-1)

World Cup qualifiers

The World Cup qualifiers were   a big challenge. The team showed its strength in difficult matches. By winning these matches, he earned the opportunity to participate in Euro 2024.

A look at the Turkish national team’s journey

The Turkish national team is one of the best European teams. Very popular. He has prominent names such as Arda Guler.

After qualifying for the World Cup qualifiers, he seeks victory over Portugal. This will make him excel in the tournament.

Results of the Turkish national team’s previous matches in the World Cup qualifiers

The team’s performance in previous matches opens the window to its current performance. He achieved great successes, the most important of which were victories.

His good strategy revolves around fast attack and strong defence. This makes him a dangerous candidate in his match against Portugal.

Turkish national team matches in Euro 2024

In Euro 2024, the team played strong and exciting confrontations. He achieved good results and won a number of matches.

His impressive performance indicates the possibility of his progress in the tournament. This raises fans’ optimism for advanced stages.

Analysis of the current performance of the Turkish national team

Analysis of the team’s performance shows the strength of both attack and defense. Achieving victories boosts his chances against Portugal.

He will likely take advantage of Portugal’s weaknesses. This may increase his chances of winning their next match.

Euro 2024 numbers and statistics

Euro 2024 is a big tournament. In them we can find interesting numbers and statistics. This data includes the ranking of the teams in one group.

It also includes the results of previous matches. Also, track the performance of distinguished players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

This data is important to estimate performance in the tournament.

Classification of teams in the sixth group

The teams are classified according to what they presented in Euro 2024. This classification affects future expectations.

Rank The elected Number of matches Results of victories Draw results Results of defeats
1 Elected A 3 2 0 1
2 Elected B 3 1 1 1
3 Elected C 3 1 1 1
4 Elected D 3 0 1 2

Match results in Euro 2024

The matches in Euro 2024 were fierce and exciting. Here are some results:

  • Match 1: Team A vs. Team B – ended in a draw
  • Match 2: Team C vs. Team D – Team C won
  • Match 3: Team A vs. Team C – Team A won

The numbers and statistics for Euro 2024 are very interesting. Reflects the teams’ performance and details. It is important for understanding their identity and assessing their opportunities for the future.

All this makes watching the matches more exciting. We are waiting for more surprises and records.

Classification Of Teams In The Sixth Group

Numbers of prominent players

In addition to the national teams, the numbers of distinguished players are followed in Euro 2024. Cristiano Ronaldo and Arda Guler are the most prominent. They perform great in matches.

Review of the match between Portugal and Turkey

After the match between Portugal and Turkey, important and exciting events will be reviewed. We will analyze the teams’ performance and shed light on the game. We will show the goals scored and the key events that affected the score.

Performance of both teams

We will talk about how both teams performed and provide opinions on their tactics. We will focus on the important players and how they played. We will also point out where each team’s play is strong and weak.

Objectives and key events

We will point out to you the important goals scored in the match. We will talk about important moments witnessed in the match. This analysis can make you understand the match better.

Evaluation of overall performance

We will formulate our opinion about the performance of the two teams in the match. We will analyze the results and evaluate how each team played. We will rely on statistics and numbers to know the impact of each team.

a team Goals Key events
Portugal Three goals Scoring a goal in the 60th minute
Türkiye one goal The match ends in a draw

Time remaining in Euro 2024

After the end of the match between Portugal and Turkey, Euro 2024 will continue. Fans will still have the opportunity to follow the upcoming matches. This can be a fun opportunity to determine which teams qualify.

Schedule of upcoming matches in Euro 2024

the date the time the match Pitch
June 13, 2024 21:00 France vs. Italy Olympico Stadium Brussels
June 14, 2024 18:00 england vs. Germany Aiden International Stadium
June 15, 2024 20:00 Netherlands vs. Spain Johan Cruyff Arena

UEFA Cup matches provide a delicious opportunity for football fans. It will also help determine the competing teams in the next stages. Get ready to support your team and enjoy the Euro 2024 Cup.


The date of the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024  will be on June 22, 2024. They will play at Signal Iduna Park. The match will be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 2 Max.

Winning is important for each team to reach the essay stage in the Euro 2024 tournament. Fans can follow the match easily through the mentioned channels. Its events will be transmitted moment by moment.


When will the Portugal-Turkey match take place in Euro 2024?

It will be Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Where will the match be held?

It will be held at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany.

What channels will broadcast the Portugal-Turkey match?

It will be broadcast on  beIN Sports HD 2 Max . And also on Rai 2, ERT 1, and HRT 2.

What is expected to be the possible lineup for both teams?

The potential lineup of teams has not yet been revealed.

What are the results of the previous two matches for Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024?

Portugal beat the Czech Republic 2-1. Türkiye beat Georgia 3-1.

What is the ranking of the teams in Group F in Euro 2024?

After one round, Türkiye is in the lead on goal difference. Portugal second.

Are both teams seeking to win the match between Portugal and Turkey?

Yes, every team dreams of winning. All of them are looking to qualify.

What other channels can the Portugal-Turkey match be watched on?

Streaming is also available on TRT1, RTS1, DR1 and others.

What is Euro 2024?

Euro 2024 is a challenge for the best teams in Europe. It aims to identify the champion and qualify him for international level.

When will the rest of Euro 2024 matches be held?

It is organized over a specific period of time. It can be watched today on television.

What is the importance of the match between Portugal and Turkey in Euro 2024?

Determination for each contestant to qualify for the next round of the tournament.

What are the most prominent numbers and statistics in Euro 2024?

Includes team rankings and results of previous matches.

How will the Portugal-Turkey match be reviewed after its end?

It will show highlights and performance analysis. In addition to the impressive goals.

How much time is left in Euro 2024?

There is still time to watch more matches. Waiting to know the qualified teams.

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