The story of Azza and Mazouzah is written and the lessons learned from it

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Children love reading stories and listening to tales. The child is very attached to the story and all its characters and events and learns from it dozens of sayings and sermons in an entertaining way and in a simple and wonderful style that the child never forgets and affects his personality and is rooted in his mind and thinking. In this topic we present to you a new story from the Realistic Stories website entitled Story. Azza and Mazouzah are written completely in an interesting and wonderful style for all ages. We hope you like them.

The written story of Azza and Ma’zouza is one of the most beautiful and very famous ancient heritage tales. It is present in almost every one of us’s childhood and is never forgotten. It is passed on from generation to generation because it contains a very important lesson that the child must understand well so that he does not fall into the same problem that the little sheep fell into. I leave you now with the written story of Azza and Mazouzah, and I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable time.

The story of Azza and Mazouzah

Our story today tells of a goat that had seven young children. They lived together in a beautiful, quiet house on the outskirts of the forest. The seven young sheep were cute and intelligent, and they lived happily and happily and played together, but the most intelligent of them was the youngest of them, and this smart little one only slept every night. After his mother sings him a beautiful song with her warm, tender voice.

One day, while the little sheep were playing together and having fun in the spacious garden of the house, the mother goat wanted to go to the market to buy them some food, but before she left the house she gathered her seven children and warned them about the evil wolf, and told them that they must all stay in the house and not open the door. The door to any stranger, especially the evil, savage wolf. The children listened carefully to their mother’s words and warnings and said to her: Yes, dear mother, we will never open the door.

The mother went to reassure her children, but unfortunately the evil wolf was watching the scene from afar and saw the mother go, leaving the children alone in the house. Then the evil wolf said in malice: This is a wonderful opportunity and a fat meal, as the children are easy prey without their mother, and while the children were busy playing and jumping here and there. The wolf knocked on the door and said: Open the door, my dear children. I, your mother, have returned to you. The young children were terrified by the wolf’s voice and said, “This is not our mother. This is the evil wolf.”

The wolf became angry and began thinking of a clever trick so that his plan would be completed and he would get his fat meal. The wolf drank some herbs to make his voice soft, then he returned again to the children’s house and knocked on the door and imitated the voice of the mother goat and said: Come on, my children, open the door. I have brought you delicious food. Think. The children looked for a little while, then looked under the door and saw the wolf’s black legs and terrifying hooves. They said to him in one voice: You are not safe, you evil one. You are a cunning and deceitful wolf.

The wolf’s anger increased and he ran quickly to a nearby storehouse containing flour and covered his entire body with white flour. Then he quickly returned to the children’s house and said to them: Come on, my children, open quickly. Your mother has returned to you. This time, the children were very happy when they saw the white feet from under the door and said: They were safe and they opened the door immediately, but unfortunately they were surprised by the evil wolf in front of them, so they were afraid and ran everywhere trying to escape from the wolf.

Everyone hid everywhere in the house, but in the end the evil wolf was able to find them and devoured one after another until he was completely satisfied and filled his stomach. The small goat was the only one that the wolf could not find because it had hidden in the wall clock because of its small size. He entered there and hid. He escaped from the wolf, and when the mother returned home and found what had happened, she began crying and saying, “O children, where are you? Surely the evil wolf ate you. Oh, my beloved ones.” Only then did the little goat come out of the wall clock and tell his mother everything that had happened.

The mother said to the little goat, “Come on, my smart son, help me and get me a pair of scissors and a sewing needle right away.” The mother went out with her baby into the forest and found the wolf sleeping. She approached him slowly, opened his stomach, took out her young sons, and placed heavy stones in their place. Then she sewed the wolf’s stomach again as if nothing had happened. In the morning, the wolf woke up from his sleep and felt very thirsty. He quickly went to the river to drink, but the stones were very heavy, so the fox fell into the river, drowned, and died, and this was his end as a reward for what he had done. Thus, the mother goat lived with her young children in peace, security, and happiness.

Lessons learned from the story of Azza and Mazouzah

There are many important and useful wisdoms and lessons that we can learn from the story of the wolf and the seven sheep, including:

  • Every mother must listen carefully, follow her warnings, and not neglect her orders.
  • Do not trust any stranger we do not know, no matter who he is. We must be wary of strangers and not trust them easily.
  • Caution and attention to protect ourselves from potential dangers.
  • Intelligence, thinking and wisdom so that we can get out of difficult situations and save our lives.
  • Courage and fearlessness in facing difficulties and overcoming them.
  • Cooperation and friendship to overcome any evil stranger.

Thus, my dear little ones, at the end of the written story of Azza and Mazouzah, we told you the complete story of the wolf and the seven sheep in a beautiful and simple way. We hope that you liked it. You can share this special story on various social media platforms with your friends so that they can also enjoy reading it, and also tell us what you learned from the story from Through the comments.