Sad and painful Arabic stories to the point of crying

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Is sadness good for our health?!

The subtle features of sadness that are drawn on our faces are enough to make everyone around us realize the extent of the sadness inside us. Isolating at home during sadness and refraining from meeting anyone, no matter how much we love them, helps the immune system regain its strength, and moments of sadness are among the best moments a person can experience. Thinking carefully about the number of mistakes he may have made throughout his life also paves the way for improvement for the better.

We know that it is sad to see someone we love in front of us in pain, so we all believe that sadness is a deadly matter, but every one of us has the right to be sad.

The first story:

One of the most beautiful sad Arabic stories, despite the sadness it contains, it has an underlying lesson…

There was a good husband whose wife, who was extremely good, died. He found God Almighty’s paradise next to her on earth. After her separation, she left behind their only five-year-old daughter.

His caring mother was alive at the time, and she cared for her granddaughter with the best attention possible at all, but after two years, his mother passed away, leaving him torn between his daughter and his work, so the father was forced to marry a virgin girl who was over forty years old to help him raise his daughter.

She promised him that she would be a good mother to his daughter, but what she did was completely the opposite. She used to torture him throughout the day and throughout her father’s absence from the house, beating him and insulting him. Despite her young age and innocence, she did not have mercy on her. She also threatened to beat her severely if she complained to her father.

Her husband took her to the doctor without asking him to help her have children and make her heart happy. He did not know anything about what she was doing to her daughter, and it was a huge surprise for her when the doctor informed her that she was barren!

Her husband consoled her and told her that God was pleased with their daughter, and that together they would do everything to preserve her and thank God for her. But she increased her mistreatment of the little girl. She was more than seven years old at the time, and in her eighth year, her father noticed how extremely weak she was, despite his diligence in providing the best of everything she needed. One day he told his wife that he wanted to check on her by going to the doctor. But his wife prevented him from doing so and used many excuses.

As for the father, he was worried about his daughter, especially since she was always screaming in the presence of his wife, putting her hands on her head, and many times falling to the ground immediately after getting up. He told his wife that her maternal grandmother wanted to spend a few days with her granddaughter, and that he wanted to make her feel some comfort from serving him and his daughter, and to relieve her, even for a few days.

She prepared some beautiful clothes for her, and warned her not to say a single word. As for the husband, he took his child to the doctor to check on her, and here he was sad when he realized the extent of the torment that the seven-year-old girl was suffering because of his poor choice!

The doctor told him, after many medical procedures and examinations, that his daughter had a lot of ants in her brain! And that she was in dire need of urgent surgery. His daughter told him that his wife was binding her hands and feet and putting sugar on her nose and inside her ears, and the ants would come and eat the sugar!

He collapsed from his bad choice and went to his wife, and only his neighbors prevented him from her. He wanted to know one thing: What had his seven-year-old daughter done to her?! So she told him with tears in her eyes that she had been begging him to call her my mother even once, but she refused to do so. The police came and detained her. The wife was sentenced to five years in prison. She lost her temper and entered a psychiatric hospital.

As for the daughter, she regained her health, her smile, and her security again, and her father refused to risk her again and became a mother and father to her.

The second story:

From sad Arab stories…

There was an old woman in one of the cities who lived in a small, dilapidated house. She had a husband who had left her and he was all that was left of her family. She worked all day and returned to her small house at night tired so that she could support herself and not extend her hand to anyone other than God Almighty.

One day, a wealthy man bought the large plot of land next to it and decided to build a huge palace. The old woman would go and return to and from her small house and did not notice the changes that occurred around it, and she did not care about the matter at all.

Within a short period, the luxurious palace was built, and the rich man lived inside it. One time, he was looking out of his huge palace and was surprised to find the old man’s small house. He asked one of his men: “Whose hideous house does this belong to?!”

He told him: “It is an old lady, sir, who is alone and works all day and returns home every night.”

The palace owner said to him: “Demolish the house immediately. Its ugly appearance distorts my beautiful palace!”

He said to him: “How is this possible, sir?! It belongs to her and the only place that protects her. How can we demolish her house, her only refuge? If its appearance bothers you, why don’t you renovate it for her sake?!”

The rich man rebuked him, expelled him, and ordered his men to demolish the house immediately. Since he was an unjust and tyrannical man, they responded to his order and demolished the house during the day. When the old woman returned, she did not find her house or its rubble in the first place.

The old woman was deeply saddened, and because she was alone and weak in this land, she raised her hand to the sky and complained to her Creator of the injustice that had befallen her. It was only three days before a strong earthquake occurred, eclipsing the rich man and the luxurious palace to the ground, and the punch of God Almighty is the Most High (and my glory and my majesty, I will help you, even if after a while). ).

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