Funny stories that you won’t be able to stop laughing so hard

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We cannot live without a smile, which makes the harshness of these days easier for us. A smile reveals the concerns of the heart, even if they come at the wrong time. Have you ever been in a funny situation and found yourself laughing with tears in your eyes?! As for me, similar situations happened to me over and over again, and I became certain that laughter would make me forget the anxiety I was suffering from at the time.

The first story:

One of the most beautiful and funny stories of the rabbits and the king of the elephants that you can ever read and enjoy. Someone says…

One day, while I was trying to avoid being run over by a dog on the highway, I lost control of the car and my uncle ended up in a ditch on the side of the road.

I could barely crawl out of the car to find myself in front of a beautiful woman who had parked her car on the side and came to ask me: “Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern,” I replied as I tried to get to my feet.

She said to me: “I will not leave you here. Come in my car. I will take you to my house, which is just a few minutes away from here. You can clean your clothes and I will examine you to ensure your safety and make sure that you have not suffered any harm or harm.”

I replied, “It’s nice of you, but I don’t think my wife will be happy about that!”

She said to me with all determination: “Honestly, I will not leave you here alone. I am a nurse. I will treat your wounds and make sure that you are not seriously harmed.”

Despite her extreme insistence and kindness, and in front of her beauty, I could not insist on my refusal and my position. I could not refuse her request, but I reminded her, saying: “But my wife will not be happy with this matter at all.”

I went with her to her house, and it was only a few hours away! She treated my wounds and checked me to make sure I didn’t have bruises or anything like that. As soon as she finished, she brought us two glasses of fresh juice. I drank the glass of juice, and at that time I felt guilty about my wife.

I told her: “I feel much better, thank you for everything you did for me, I will leave now.”

She said to me with a charming smile: “You can stay with me for a while, because your wife will not know anything about this. She is home now, right?!”

I then remembered him saying: “No, I think she is still in the hole”!!

The second story:

Once upon a time, a king sentenced a poor old carpenter to death, and the news of his death leaked to him by order of the ruler, so he was unable to sleep at that time. When his wife found him in this state, she advised him: “My dear husband, sleep like every night, for the Lord is one and the doors are many.”

Indeed, her words descended upon him like peace, bringing reassurance to his grieving heart. He fell into a deep sleep, from which he only opened his eyes to the sound of soldiers knocking on his door. His face immediately turned pale and he looked at his wife with a look full of regret, pain, and farewell.

He opened the door to the king’s soldiers with his hands trembling from fear of the painful fate that awaited him. As soon as he was sure of their presence, he extended his hands to them to handcuff them. One of the soldiers said to him in astonishment at his command: “The king has died and we have come to you to make a coffin for him!”

He looked at his wife and she smiled, and she in turn, out of her great joy at relieving her husband’s distress, said: “Sleep like every night, for God is one and the doors are many”!

The third story:

One of the distinguished teachers says: “One day I was observing one of the school committees, and it was for the primary stage in the subject of Islamic religious education. There was a student in the committee whom I know personally, and what I was very surprised about was that everyone in the committee finished the exam and left, and there was nothing left in the committee.” Except this student I know.

I approached him and learned that he answered all the questions except one question, and it was very easy and simple. The question was, “Name three of the prophets.” I wanted to help him, so I told him, after I put my finger in place of the answer to the question, “Write the names of your three uncles.” I basically knew that his uncles’ names were Moses, Jesus, and Abraham.

So my uncle Abraham, my uncle Musa, and my uncle Jesus wrote!!

Fourth story:

From very funny and realistic stories that make you believe that there are people who you cannot deal with in the first place…

It is said that in one of the prisons, all the prisoners were suffering from ill-treatment and excessive cruelty from the prison guards. Among all these prisoners, there was a prisoner who was treated in a special way below them. A guard would not assault him, either by hitting, insulting, or ill-treating him, even though he was a convict. Not a long time at all.

This prisoner received privileges over the rest of the prisoners and was treated with almost respect, which made him a source of suspicion on the part of the prisoners. They all believed that he was an agent planted among them to reveal all their secrets, so they all feared him.

One day, this prisoner decided to fix the situation. He met with the prisoners and swore to them that he was a prisoner like him and that he had no connection to any security system. But they did not believe him, so he was forced to answer the question that was confusing to them all. He asked them, saying: “Tell me first what you write in your letters.” Weekly for your family and loved ones?!”

They unanimously agreed that they were complaining about the mistreatment, injustice, and tyranny that they were suffering from due to the brutality of the cursed guards. The prisoner told them, saying: “As for me, in every letter I write to my wife every week, I tell my wife about the extent of the good treatment I receive from the guards here, so that I often… I mention their names and praise them often in the letter.”

They asked him, “What do our letters have to do with their good treatment of you and the privileges you receive?”

He answered them angrily: “Because, oh most intelligent of people, all of our letters cannot come out of prison unless they are searched and read word by word by the guards and the small ones are reviewed before the large ones. I believe that my message to you has arrived.”

After a week, the treatment of prisoners by all prison guards had changed for the worse. Even the distinguished prisoner had been punished like them as well. He became suspicious of their situation and asked them: “What did you do with my advice?!”

They all unanimously agreed that they had told their wives and families exactly what happened between them and mentioned his precious advice!!