A bedtime story for adults entitled Love is Born from the Heart of Suffering

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No one in life has a life devoid of all aspects of love. Life does not become life except with love. Sometimes many complain of the pain of love and that it destroys the heart of its owner. Love and passion are not killers for lovers, rather they make them stuck between life and death, so they are alive and blessed and not dead. They are resting.

One of the most beautiful things said about love is that it is like a war, which is very easy to ignite but difficult and impossible to extinguish.

The story of love being born from the heart of suffering:

A bedtime story for adults and is considered the most beautiful story ever…

She spent five years of her life in love with her fiancé and waiting for the promised day, and a few days before her wedding, she discovered the biggest disaster: her fiancé’s love for another girl!

Her fiancé’s girlfriend is a veterinarian who was working in her own place. As for our girl, she was on her way back from work when suddenly she saw in front of her a dog lying on the road with blood bleeding from his body. She refused to cross it, so she carried him in her hands and took him to a veterinary clinic, and there she was surprised by a skilled doctor. She was able to save the dog’s life. Our girl hugged her out of joy at being able to save the poor dog.

She was surprised by a picture of her fiancé in the doctor’s office, and when she asked her about the relationship between them, she told her that he was the lover of her life. The girl learned that for five years she had been living the biggest lie of her life, and despite the fact that she was a lawyer and very skilled in her work, and people from far and near came to her to take over his cases, and despite all the offers The marriage that she encountered throughout the days, but she insisted on continuing her life with him, and in the end she discovers his deception!

The girl could not ignore what she saw and considered it a sign from her Creator, Glory be to Him, that she should abandon the entire topic of her wedding to him. Despite the fact that the wedding dress was now in her home, she refused to continue her life with a deceitful person. She stopped everything one day before the wedding, and made her fiancé come. She went to her to inform him in front of everyone of her refusal to marry him, and when he was astonished by her sudden, strange decision, and with his and her family’s insistence on knowing her reasons and motives, the girl was forced to explain everything.

At these times, her friend had to explain what happened to him literally. He had always been in love with her, but he did not have enough courage to be honest with her about his love and make her the queen of his life. Her fiancé was his close friend, so he was always telling him about her and all of her qualities and her constant successes, so he quickly proposed to her. The girl knew that she was in a nightmare and finally she was able to wake up from it, but with pain and scarring in her heart.

During this period, she was working on a case for a woman who wanted to separate from her husband, but she also wanted to charge him a heavy bill. The girl worked hard to win her client’s case, but she was surprised by many secrets and hidden things. The girl discovered that her client’s husband was wronged, and despite all the false allegations, he was… Controlling all his emotions and reactions, the girl decided to go to him and talk to him. He greeted her and asked him one question: the truth about his betrayal of his wife and the real reason behind her insistence on separating from him.

So he told her that he was married and still had a relationship with his ex-wife, and that his wife insisted on separating from him because of that. When she learned that the partnership between them was returning in business, especially his most luxurious restaurant in the city, she decided to make him regret that. Her husband was a businessman, one of the few in the entire city. The girl felt a strange attraction towards him, but she forbade herself from thinking about him even though she found in his qualities the qualities that any girl in the world aspires to.

On the day of the session, she was surprised by his separation from his wife and fulfilling all her conditions. His wife was extremely remorseful for being away from him, but he left her no other choice but to respect him for everything he had done for her and for her. The next day, the lawyer received an invitation to attend the opening ceremony of his restaurant, so she decided to go and was able to do so with her beauty. To captivate the entire audience, especially those who invited her.

He approached her and without warning and without any introductions, he proposed to her to marry her. She did not know what to do. She pulled herself together and forced herself to leave, in astonishment at the young man who did not understand the reasons for her leaving in this way. But he did not despair, so he went home to talk to her and find out her reasons. The girl informed him with all courage that she had learned from his wife that he had a narcissistic personality, and this is what she witnessed to her, as his wife said about him!

The young man revealed to her that he had known her for more than three years, and whenever he asked about her, he knew that she was still engaged to someone, so he did not dare to talk to her, and that he was heartened when he learned that she was the lawyer assigned to his case and the case of his wife. The girl did not give him any response, but she was determined to do something.

I went to a party that his old wife was attending, and through her hidden methods, she was able to sit with her and was able to get her to tell her her story with the young man. I learned that they were married, and in the year of their first marriage they were involved in a car accident. The young man’s brother died and his wife lost her first fetus. She was unable to get over the accident and insisted on separating from him. Then the girl knew that he was sincere in what he said.

She hesitated in her decision, but with his earnest attempts and his insistence, she decided to start her life with him. Indeed, he was the best husband who compensated her for all her pain and everything she had gone through during the five years with her former fiancé.

After many years of her marriage to him, she realized that she had made the right decision when she left the one who did not deserve her, and devoted her life to the one who was sincere in his love for her.

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