The Chi Season 7 A Comprehensive Guide to Episode Count

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The Chi Season 7 A Comprehensive Guide to Episode Count With the soaring popularity of the American drama television series, “The Chi”, fans are left with burning questions regarding the episode count for the awaited season 7. Let’s dive right into it.

The Chi Season 7 A Comprehensive Guide To Episode Count
The Chi Season 7 A Comprehensive Guide To Episode Count

For those who might not know, “The Chi” is a hit series that premiered on Showtime in 2018, painting a vivid picture of life on the South Side of Chicago. As viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama of season 7, there’s been some buzz and a tad bit of confusion surrounding the total number of episodes this season will feature.

Summary of how many episodes of the chi season 7

Key Information Details
Total Episodes for Season 7 16
Mid-Season Finale Date September 24, 2023
Platforms to Watch Showtime, Paramount+
Notable Episode Title “Who Shot Ya?” (Episode 8)
First Half Premiere Date August 4, 2023
Second Half Expected Release Early 2024

Season 7 Episode Count

Historically, each season of “The Chi” has given us 10 gripping episodes. But here’s the twist for season 7: Showtime spiced things up by announcing an expanded episode count, totalling 16 episodes. With season 7 episode 8 airing on September 24, 2023, it serves as the pivotal mid-season finale, ensuring the narrative remains as captivating as ever.

Season 7 Episode 8 Release Details

Earmark your calendars because “The Chi” season 6 episode 8 will premiere on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 9 pm ET. What’s even better? For those who are aligned with the streaming era, this episode will also be available on Paramount+. The intriguing title “Who Shot Ya?” has got fans piecing together various theories, with some speculating about Emmett’s fate from the season 5 finale.

Season 7 Episode 8 Review

Extending the season to 16 episodes has certainly had viewers on the edge of their seats. And with a title like “Who Shot Ya?”, one can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions that episode 8 will induce.

Future Episode Schedule

With the mid-season finale aired, fans will need to practice a little patience. The remaining eight episodes are set to be unveiled in early 2024. While the exact dates remain under wraps, Showtime has assured that these episodes are worth the wait.

Where to Watch The Chi Season 7

If you’re itching to get your “The Chi” fix, head on over to Showtime or Paramount+. With Showtime available through cable or satellite providers and its standalone streaming app, you have a variety of options. Alternatively, the Paramount+ Premium plan is your gateway to all episodes, along with a slew of other content.

Season 7 Episode List

For those who love a sneak peek, here are the titles and glimpses of the first three episodes:

  • Episode 1: New Chi City – Emmett’s new business venture tests his relationship with Kiesha, while Victor grapples with fame.
  • Episode 2: Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems – Douda’s decision sends ripples across the South Side. Meanwhile, Emmett and Kiesha tread new grounds.
  • Episode 3: House Party – A house party hosted by Emmett and Kiesha takes a wild turn, while Kevin, Jake, and Papa tread the waters of young adulthood.

Season 7 Split and Premiere Dates

Interestingly, Showtime chose to split season 6 into two halves. The first half made its grand entrance on August 4, 2023, with the second half set to enthrall viewers in early 2024.

Announcement of Season 7 Details

For those who missed the memo, on June 21, 2023, Showtime broke the news about the 16-episode structure for “The Chi” season 6. This television drama has consistently set the bar high, leaving viewers hungry for more.

Additional Information

Beyond its gripping storyline, “The Chi” is lauded for its authentic portrayal of Chicago’s South Side, complemented by a stellar cast. Accolades have streamed in, with the show earning nominations for the NAACP Image Award and the GLAAD Media Award.


In summary, “The Chi” season 6 is set to be a roller coaster with a total of 16 episodes. Having premiered its first half on August 4, 2023, fans can look forward to the latter half in early 2024. For those eager to catch up or rewatch, both Showtime and Paramount+ are your go-to platforms.

1. How many episodes are there in “The Chi” season 6?
There are 16 episodes in season 6.

2. When did the first half of season 6 premiere?
It premiered on August 4, 2023.

3. Where can I watch “The Chi” season 6?
You can watch it on Showtime and Paramount+.

4. What’s the title of the mid-season finale for season 6?
The title is “Who Shot Ya?”.