Is Maggie Wilson Husband Behind the Recent Controversies?

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Is Maggie Wilson Husband Behind the Recent Controversies? , former beauty queen and model Maggie Wilson found herself amid a media storm when her mother was arrested on allegations of carnapping. Amidst the chaos, Maggie took to social media, hinting at the involvement of her estranged husband, Victor Consunji, stating, “You’ve hit a new low.” This recent incident intensifies the ongoing public feud between Wilson and Consunji, which has been under the spotlight since their announced separation in September 2021.

Is Maggie Wilson Husband Behind The Recent Controversies?
Is Maggie Wilson Husband Behind The Recent Controversies?

While it’s clear that tensions between the pair have escalated, understanding the depth and nuances of this controversy requires a more in-depth look into their shared history, public reactions, and recent developments.

Summary of maggie wilson husband

Date Event Summary
December 18, 2010 Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji get married
2012 Wilson and Consunji have a son, Connor
September 2021 Wilson and Consunji announce their separation
October 12, 2023 Wilson’s mother is arrested for alleged carnapping Wilson hints that her husband is behind the arrest.
October 13, 2024 Wilson accuses her husband of cheating on her This allegation adds to the ongoing rift between the ex-couple.

Maggie Wilson’s Reaction to Her Mother’s Arrest

Maggie Wilson was understandably heartbroken following her mother’s arrest. Expressing her distress on Instagram Stories, she emphasized how her mother had been a pillar of support not just for her, but also for Victor and their son. Furthermore, she raised skepticism about the allegations by pointing out that her mother doesn’t even know how to drive.

Allegations Against Victor Consunji

Without concrete evidence, Wilson’s hints on social media allude to the possibility of Victor Consunji’s involvement in the arrest. Given the couple’s tumultuous relationship, these insinuations aren’t entirely surprising, but they have certainly caused many to raise their eyebrows.

Feud Between Maggie and Victor

Since ending their 11-year marriage in 2021, Maggie and Victor’s disagreements have become public spectacles. Their online battles, peppered with allegations of infidelity, financial wrongdoings, and other accusations, have not only damaged their reputations but have also shed light on the often ugly side of celebrity relationships.

Personal Life and Marriage

Married in 2010, Maggie and Victor welcomed their son, Connor, into the world in 2012. Their marriage, once perceived as a modern-day fairy tale, began showing signs of strain, culminating in their separation. Maggie has occasionally alluded to “strong reasons” for the breakup, with infidelity being a hinted reason, though Victor denies such claims.

Maggie’s Public Reactions

Maggie has been anything but silent on social media. She has frequently responded to Victor’s posts, notably his pictures with Rachel Carrasco and a baby, and his announcement about a new child. Public opinion about her outspokenness has been divided.

Latest Development Cheating Allegations

The rift between the ex-couple deepened when Maggie levied cheating allegations against Victor. While she hasn’t presented any proof to substantiate these claims, they’ve undeniably added a new layer of complexity to their ongoing divorce proceedings.


The controversies surrounding Maggie Wilson’s husband, Victor Consunji, particularly the recent arrest of her mother and allegations of infidelity, showcase the potential abuse of power and influence in celebrity relationships. As the estranged couple’s issues continue to play out in the public eye, one thing remains clear: the love and trust that once existed between Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji have dramatically eroded.


1. When did Maggie and Victor separate?
They announced their separation in September 2021.

2. Why was Maggie Wilson’s mother arrested?
She was arrested on allegations of carnapping on October 12, 2024.

3. Has Maggie made any allegations against Victor?
Yes, she has hinted at his involvement in her mother’s arrest and also accused him of cheating.