How Old is Craig Nelson Ross Jr. and What His Connection to the Charlotte Sena Case?

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How Old is Craig Nelson Ross Jr. and What His Connection to the Charlotte Sena Case? the chaos and relief that surrounds the discovery of Charlotte Sena, a critical name emerges – Craig Nelson Ross Jr. The 47-year-old male, as of October 2, 2024, stands accused of a grievous crime that has rattled the state of New York. But who is Craig Ross Jr, and why does his age matter in this case?

How Old Is Craig Nelson Ross Jr. And What His Connection To The Charlotte Sena Case?
How Old Is Craig Nelson Ross Jr. And What His Connection To The Charlotte Sena Case?

Beyond the immediate relief of finding Charlotte Sena, understanding the background of Craig Ross Jr becomes paramount. Recognizing the need to delve into his history helps us gain insights into the factors that may have contributed to such a heinous act.


Summary of Craig Nelson Ross Jr. age

Date Data
September 29 Charlotte Sena disappears on a camping trip
September 30 Amber alert issued, massive search initiated
October 2 Craig Nelson Ross Jr., aged 47, identified as the suspect
October 2 Charlotte found safe on a property connected to Ross Jr

The Disappearance and Amber Alert

Charlotte Sena’s mysterious disappearance on September 29, while on a bike ride, left her family devastated. This 9-year-old’s vanishing led authorities to issue an amber alert the next day, mobilizing over a thousand individuals, from law enforcement to volunteers, in a frantic search.

A chilling twist to the tale came in the form of a ransom note. Found in the family’s mailbox, it became a pivotal lead, directing authorities to the primary suspect, Craig Ross Jr, who resided on Barrett Road in Milton.

The Arrest of Craig Ross Jr

It didn’t take long for the police to connect the dots. Craig Ross Jr’s involvement became apparent after his fingerprints, lifted from the ransom note, matched those in a law enforcement database. The trail led them to a trailer on a Barrett Road property, owned by Ross’s relatives. To everyone’s immense relief, inside, they found Charlotte Sena, unscathed and safe.

Diving deeper into his background, it was revealed that Ross’s criminal activities were not recent developments. They date back to 2016, providing a potential connection to his current accusations.

Ross Jr’s Prior Convictions

Ross’s criminal past is not devoid of significant offenses. In 2016, he faced arrest on charges of second-degree aggravated harassment. A year later, another charge was added to his record, criminal obstruction of breathing, categorized as a misdemeanor.

Interestingly, there were initial claims of Ross Jr being a registered sex offender. However, upon scrutiny, these allegations were found to be baseless and were promptly retracted.

Ross Jr’s Presence near Moreau Lake State Park

The police reports highlighted that Ross was seen in the vicinity of Moreau Lake State Park when Charlotte disappeared. This information further solidifies suspicions regarding his potential involvement in the abduction.


As we revisit the harrowing events surrounding Charlotte Sena’s abduction, understanding the age and background of Craig Ross Jr, the central suspect, offers a clearer picture of the sequence of events. As a society, it’s crucial to be vigilant and aware of those around us.

Lastly, gratitude must be expressed towards Governor Hochul and the immense efforts by law enforcement and the community. Their relentless dedication ensured Charlotte’s safe return.


1. How old is Craig Ross Jr?
Craig Nelson Ross Jr. is 47 years old as of October 2, 2023.

2. Was Charlotte Sena harmed during the abduction?
No, Charlotte Sena was found safe and unharmed.